Hello everybody 🙂 Hope you are enjoying summer just as much as I am! Whilst scrolling on Pinterest a few days ago I discovered Halloumi Fries! With the perfect BBQ weather I couldn’t resist adding this to the menu- it was also the perfect addition to a sandwich. If you are a cheese lover like me then I definitely recommend giving this a try.  It was delicious and so easy to make! Enjoy:)

First, Cut long pieces of halloumi so they are in fri-like strips.

Then take a bowl and put in some plain white flour and paprika.  You can be as adventurous as you want with the seasoning.  I found that paprika and pepper worked best for me, but you could also try chilli flakes or just plain flour!

Then, place in your halloumi fries, covering them in the flour as much as you can.  Place a good amount of oil in a pan and wait till the oil is hot.  Let the fries sit in the oil, turning them occasionally until golden brown.


That’s it! I enjoyed mine in a flat bread with salad, but they are also great on their own.  Hope you enjoy this yummy cheesy snack 🙂




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